who we are

Who we are

F2S Fund is a combination of the F2S Team, consisting of its founders and administrators, on the one hand, and a global community of donors, on the other. The F2S team is composed of experts in their respective fields, which range from hedge-fund management and forex & cryptocurrency trading, to compliance, accountancy and administration. Our donors are people from across the world and all walks of life, who seek to better their own lives while uplifting others. What we have most in common with each other is our vision of a better, fairer world for everyone, and our commitment to making this a reality. We were founded in September, 2020 by a team based both in the UK, Germany and Japan. But our strength lies in our global community and in our numbers. Together, we’re stronger. We invite you to join us and share in our success!

goles & objective

Goals and Objective

Our principal aim is to be a force for good and to build a community of like minded people who want to create a better future for everyone. We’ve implemented this idea in a very practical way by giving people a powerful tool and a simple method through which they can do this. We have purposely kept the barrier-to-entry low, in order to make it very easy for more people to engage with and benefit from our system, and this approach has worked very well. All you need is $150 and two people that you can refer to join the community. And that’s it! During our brief existence, we have brought together nearly 13,000 people from across the world. And in this short time, we’ve seen thousands of dollars paid out to individual members and hundreds of lives transformed, as a result. But this is just the beginning. We have very ambitious plans of bringing together over 1,000,000 people from many countries in the very near future and we are working hard towards this goal. We’re also working tirelessly to improve our platform and infrastructure.

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Meet Our Exceptionally Talented Team

The F2S Team is comprised of experts in their respective fields.
Nicholas Wood
Nicholas Charles Wood - UK
Founder, CEO & Philanthropist

Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Organization. Nick spent over 15 years as the Finance and Contracts Manager for one of the UK’s oldest and most respected Charities negotiating multi million pound contracts with the UK Government. He also teaches business owners how grow their organisations and to create instant authority online, across multiple digital platforms. Nick is the ‘face of the organization’ and provides leadership and organizational structure. Focusing on compliance with global authorities to ensure the unhindered growth for the organization.

Motoo Yoshihara
Motoo Yoshihara - Japan
Founder Director & Philanthropist

Motoo Yoshihara was born in 1948 in Fukuoka, Japan. He graduated from Nakabaru Elementary School in1959 and he started his business life in 1969 after completing his post-Graduation from Malay University. Motoo Yoshihara founded the Oriental Telephone Telegraph Company in Japan 1974 and currently serves as Managing Director. He has established another 4 companies in many countries including German, Singapore, Malaysia and he has provided Job opportunities for many people and he has kept himself involved in many kinds of work socially. Motoo Yoshihara always likes doing various activities for the welfare of the people and as a F2S Fund Founder director is putting his talent and hard work into making sure the F2S Fund has and retains its good reputation. At the stage of 73 years he wants to work with everyone with great hope and morale to establish the economic prosperity of people around the world through F2S Fund.

Lucy Gilchrist
Lucy Gilchrist - UK
Education & Research(Founder Member)

As an international business Coach Lucy works closely with entrepreneurs, business owners and high achieving professional individuals and their teams. My clients range from CEO's of international companies to startup entrepreneurs. Working with F2S, she draws on a combination of tools and techniques from business development coaching, NLP, cognitive behavior therapy, psychology, strategic intervention, business models and positive mindset work.

Bevelyn Gallogo
Bevelyn Gallogo - Philippines
Chief of Customer Care

Bev has a wealth of experience managing teams and a proven track record dealing with customer queries. Bev understands that patience is truly a virtue. She brings this quality to her work when explaining how processes work many times to many people during the day. Always ensuring that all support queries are dealt with in an appropriate way and by the appropriate department. She brings her 'Can Do' attitude to her role and inspires others to perform to their full potential.

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