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Video: Charity by F2S leader

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The F2S Fund draws its strength from its global community of members. The larger, and more engaged our network of donor-members, the more powerful we become as an organization, and the greater the financial and other benefits to all of our members. Gaining new members is therefore vital to the success of the F2S Fund, and that of our individual members.

As an Express Member, you are expected to recruit two new members into your Personal Team. You’re also charged with the task of helping your team members to build their own Personal Teams. But it doesn’t end there. Since the payments you’re eligible to receive are directly linked to the growth of the Community as a whole, it is in your best interest to help recruit new members and grow the F2S Community.

Setting Objectives and Making A Plan

It is always helpful to clarify goals and objectives before beginning any venture and raising funds through the F2S Fund is no exception to this. Understanding the process and payment structure of the F2S Fund will help you get clear about what you want to achieve and the steps you need to take.

Once you decide on the level of funding you want and understand the requirements which apply, you are in a position to create a plan that will get you there. But ultimately, it boils down to the number of new members you can introduce.

Your chances of success will be greater if you can either build or access a large base of interested people. Do you already have a network of people who are interested? If so, how many of them are there? If you don’t yet have a network, who are the people you can approach, that might be interested? How will you communicate with this group? These are some of the questions you’ll have to consider.

Preparing Your Supporters and Creating Momentum

Your community-supported funding launch needs to have momentum, if it’s going to succeed. Even though you might be able to gain additional members from within the F2S Community, as time goes by, you will only gain the benefit of this platform’s audience if you can generate the initial momentum yourself. If you simply expect the F2S community to carry you through without any effort on your part, you will be disappointed. You must therefore ensure that you bring in a sufficient number of donors at the initial stage.

The best way to ensure that you’ll have momentum is to build a launch team of your true fans and prepare them beforehand. This goes to the heart of how community crowd-funding works.

If you contact people and tell them that you’re launching just a few days before, it will be difficult to get them involved. They might be busy, or feel like you’ve approached them at the very last minute. But if you involve them earlier on in the project, they will feel a sense of ownership about the outcome and be more likely to help.

Generally, if an event is far enough in the future, people will commit to doing a lot more, because it seems so far away. Then when the time comes, they’ll remember what they agreed to and follow through.

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