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F2S Fund FAQ

F2S stands for ‘Fact 2 Safe’. This phrase embodies our core aim of providing our members with the information and the platform (‘fact’) to improve their financial lives and provide greater security (‘safe,’ as in safeguard) for themselves, their loved ones, or a charity of their choice.

F2S is a community that works to support its members individually and collectively in raising funds for philanthropic or personal use. F2S was created to democratise fundraising, while extending equity, forex, cryptocurrency and commodity investing to the masses, giving everyone a chance to back the next ‘unicorn’ company.

Since F2S is a fundraising community, there is no investing per se. All you need to join and participate is an account activation fee of USD $30 and a donation of USD $120.

There are three easy steps:

  • 1. Sign up and register, using a referral link.
  • 2. Pay your account activation fee ($30).
  • 3. Make a donation ($120).

F2S is an open platform and welcomes anyone over the age of 18 to the Community. Currently, our members hail from a diverse range of ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

We offer eight different categories of funds for members to choose from:

  • 1. Entrepreneurship Fund
  • 2. Women Entrepreneurship Fund
  • 3. Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Fund
  • 4. Healthcare Fund
  • 5. Scholarship Fund
  • 6. Charity Fund
  • 7. Non-profit Fund
  • 8. Travel Fund

A member can donate towards any one of these causes.

The success of the F2S strategy depends on the number of members within the community—the greater the number and the donations, the more successful it will be. So there are no guarantees as to how much money anyone can raise.

Each Express Member can potentially raise $55,680 in each Cycle, for a total of $222,720 across all four Cycles. But the amount of money you can raise ultimately depends on the effort that you, as an individual member put in, as well as how well the greater community, as a whole, performs.

You need to recruit only two members in order to enrol as a full Express Member. But you will need to help and support these new members to recruit additional members and grow the community.

There is no referral bonus on the F2S Fund. The F2S Fund is not a marketing or MLM or products selling platform. The F2S Fund is a philanthropy program. So there is no option for you to will get a referral bonus.

At the moment, the F2S Fund accepts and makes all payments through Bitcoin only. So you will need $150 worth of Bitcoin to make payments to F2S Fund, as well as a Bitcoin wallet to withdraw your funds into.

Members receive payments through the F2S Fund according to a structured plan that consists of four different Cycles, each having 13 Surface Levels. Members are able to withdraw funds upon meeting the eligibility requirements for each Surface Level. Please refer to the F2S Fundraising Community Strategy (Plan B) for details.

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