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How Does The F2S Fund Work And How Do You Withdraw Your Fund?

The F2S Fund is built up by members making a one time donation of $120. The only way to grow your personal fund is to invite 2 other members to join your personal team who also make a one time donation of $120. You then teach your two members how to invite their two members. As your personal team grows other members not directly linked to you will also be joining which provides F2S its global membership.

The receipt of funds for your chosen philanthropic causes is dictated by a combination of your personal team growth and global membership growth. To withdraw funds you must achieve personal team recruitment targets that are linked to the growth of your global membership. The fund payment system is structured in such a way that it is beneficial for all members to grow the global membership and work as a team.

One of the keys to making this a continuous growth fund is that memberships are capped at 4 cycles of fundraising. At the end of the 4th cycle, membership ceases. Members are welcome to return if invited but all counts are reset to zero. In this way, the fund and membership is self-supporting and those at the top of their respective networks cannot remain there, they have to recycle back to the bottom if they wish to access the funds again.

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