Entrepreneurship Fund

Few businesses can succeed without start-up capital to get them up and running, and regular cash-injections, to help them grow. Yet, many entrepreneurs are held back from starting their businesses due to a lack of capital. With the F2S Fund, you can easily raise the money you need to bring your business idea to life and sustain it.

Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship Fund

Although women have far more career opportunities now, than ever before, women entrepreneurs still face huge challenges in bringing their business ideas and visions to life, due to a lack of funding. We, at F2S Fund, are therefore proud to support women entrepreneurs. Our global network of donors makes it easy for women entrepreneurs to secure the funding they need to start and grow their businesses. And now, this exciting opportunity is open to women from all over the world. By contributing to the Community as an entrepreneur, you not only make it possible to empower other women entrepreneurs, but also for them to help fund your business.


SME Fund

Small and medium-sized business need capital to grow. But bank loans aren’t easy to obtain, and the high interest-rates and restrictive lending conditions make them unattractive to entrepreneurs, who generally tend to be freedom-loving people. The F2S Fund offers an attractive alternative for funding your business’s next stage of growth: our SME Fund will help you benefit from a global funding network of likeminded people. With the F2S Fund, you’re free to grow.


Healthcare Fund

Anyone’s life can be disrupted by illness or medical problems at any time. Apart from the heartache and the pain, health issues also put people under severe financial pressure. Not having the money you need to pay for your treatment (or that of a loved one), can be disastrous. But saving enough money to cover medical bills is hard for most people who are simply struggling to pay for their everyday needs. The F2SFund can help you create a healthcare fund that will take some of this pressure away. Unlike medical insurance, with the F2S Fund, there are no recurring monthly payments. You only need to make a modest, one-off payment to get your healthcare fund going.


Scholarship Fund

Many bright and clever people are held back from pursuing their higher education due to a lack of money. But by setting up a scholarship fund through F2S, you will be able to raise the money you need through the F2S Community. So whether you’re a student, or a parent who is concerned about your child’s education, F2S Fund can help you raise the money you need for any form of higher education.


Charity Fund

Helping others is a desire that is innate in every human. And when we help others, we grow and evolve as people, and feel fulfilled. But we’re often prevented from doing the charitable work we’d like to do, simply because we don’t have the financial means to do so. But now, by joining the F2S Community and making a donation, you can help others in their charitable work. And by introducing your friends to the Community and having them bring their friends, you will soon qualify for a share in the Global Fund, which you can then use to directly carry out charitable work of your own.


Travel Fund

Many people have a desire to travel and see the world. But sadly for most people, this remains a distant dream, because they don’t have the money. But when you join the F2S Community, you’ll be able to start a travel fund and it will just be a matter of time before your dream is within reach.


Non-profit Fund

Looking for a way to fund your very own non-profit organization? Join the F2S Fund and raise the money you need. All members of the F2S Community are committed to helping each other raise funds for various philanthropic purposes. So you’ll be welcomed and supported by likeminded individuals from all over the world.

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